Elevate customer trust when selling premium products and services

Incorporate automated website quality assurance tools into your marketing team's arsenal. Keep your website perfect and ensure consistent tone, wording, and correctness across all your pages.

Marketers who use Proovy to maintain pristine messaging:
  • Ensure consistent tone and wording across all pages.
  • Detect outdated and incorrect information.
  • Automate checks of generated content and pages.
  • Save hours of laborious spot-checking.
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Automate QA for peace of mind

Proovy website quality assurance (QA) for marketers finds flaws in website changes every time, immediately, and on all pages — down to the pixel and letter. Avoid losing business and reputation. Allow Proovy to continuously find all website quality issues and suggest improvements.

No programming is required.

Convenient to use with your favorite website builder: WordPress, Webflow, Wix, Squarespace, and more.

Show me around

Allow us to show you around Proovy — it just takes a minute. We’ll show you the Proovy dashboard live in action. Learn about how easy it is to proof your entire website with a quick review of before and after screenshots. Catch a glimpse of how much more control you can have over the website creation and update process.

Ensure consistent tone and wording

Proovy helps marketers find violations of their style guide or one derived from our templates. For every page that changes, Proovy highlights each paragraph's textual differences on a before-and-after dashboard. Proovy automatically checks new content for compliance with the style guides configured and flags violations.

Marketers share those violations with colleagues and improve them. Finally, they approve them and conclude Proovy’s quality assurance workflow.

Detect incorrect information

Proovy’s quality assurance tools detect outdated and incorrect information before your customers do. Configure Proovy with old office addresses, old product names, common misspellings of your product and company names, commonly misstated and outdated statistics, and anything else you wish to ban from your website.E

This way, marketers can quickly correct flagged pieces of information and be 100% certain not to have missed any.

Guardrail generated content and pages

Proovy's style guide checks enforce guardrails for content produced with generative AI. Generalizations, stilted phrases, hallucinated facts, and other problems are kept in check. The style guides that apply to team members are likewise enforced on generative AI.

Proovy enables marketers to do reliable quality assurance for auto-generated pages, such as PDFs, static assets, or landing pages generated by external SEO tools. Some companies generate hundreds or thousands of pages, which makes manual quality assurance practically impossible or extremely expensive for them. Proovy automatically checks all such pages and brings potential issues to marketers' attention.

Share accountability

Proovy makes it easy to document website changes and tag them with version numbers when concluding a quality assurance workflow. This way, all your colleagues stay in the loop with the latest changes. They can go back in time, find prior changes, and compare the screenshots. They can view descriptions and analytics about how and why you made changes.

This way, a robust QA process evenly distributes and supports accountability for success and mishaps across your team.

Is Proovy for me?

If you know how to open your internet browser, you can use Proovy. Proovy runs in your browser and doesn’t require you to program or install software of any kind. It’s ready to go, out of the box. If you want to ensure that visitors have a seamless experience on every, single page of your site — Proovy is for you.

SaaS Companies

In the SaaS business, where every click can lead to a conversion, the accuracy of your product messaging is paramount. This is where Proovy steps in, offering an unwavering eye over your website content to guarantee it aligns seamlessly with your brand's voice and product vision.

"As the marketing manager at NextGen, our launch into the trade show season was marked by an unexpected hiccup. Despite our meticulous planning and excitement, our landing page featured an outdated, inactive phone number. Only after the event we learned from an existing customer's email. After that experience, introducing Proovy was a no-brainer.” - ChatGPT.

Premium Brands

In the realm of luxury products, your brand's story needs to be told with the same care and precision that goes into each of your exquisite products. Proovy is designed to weave this narrative seamlessly, enhancing your website's content to match the grandeur of your brand.

"In the flurry of launching our new line of limited edition leather clutches, a crucial detail was overlooked on our website: explicitly stating their limited edition nature. This oversight sparked an unexpected social media tempest, with customers voicing frustration over the lack of clarity, leading to a whirlwind of damage control efforts. In Proovy we now configured an explicit rule to prevent that in the future." - ChatGPT.

Child & Baby Products

In the tender world of child and baby products, where trust and safety are paramount, your website's content must cradle these values with every word. Proovy understands the delicate nature of your market and ensures it's free of missteps and radiates the warmth and care parents seek.

"Our latest campaign unintentionally sparked media outrage by comparing our baby formula to actual breast milk. This comparison was perceived as insensitive and misleading, damaging our brand's reputation and trust among our customers. In response to this, we urgently needed to re-establish our commitment to quality and safety. That's when we turned to Proovy." - ChatGPT.

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The first two months of monitoring are free of charge. Afterward, we charge $9 per month for every 50 pages of your website. For more frequent monitoring or using Proovy QA automation simply upgrade your Proovy subscription.