Comply with Legal Regulations and Company Policies

Accelerate quality assurance by automatically flagging any non-compliance on any page. Keep your website perfect and significantly reduce the risk of legal consequences, fines, or reputational damage.

Marketers who use Proovy to avoid violations of legal regulations and company policies:
  • Prove compliance with regulations and policies.
  • Automate peer reviews of website content using AI.
  • Shift responsibility to a reliable automated process.
  • Save hours of laborious and meticulous manual QA.
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Automate QA for peace of mind

Proovy website quality assurance (QA) for marketers finds flaws in website changes every time, immediately, and on all pages — down to the pixel and letter. Avoid losing business and reputation. Allow Proovy to continuously find all website quality issues and suggest improvements.

No programming is required.

Convenient to use with your favorite website builder: WordPress, Webflow, Wix, Squarespace, and more.

Show me around

Allow us to show you around Proovy — it just takes a minute. We’ll show you the Proovy dashboard live in action. Learn about how easy it is to proof your entire website with a quick review of before and after screenshots. Catch a glimpse of how much more control you can have over the website creation and update process.

Check non-compliances flagged by AI

Proovy helps marketers find any non-compliance on each change to a website. Choose and customize policy checkers from our catalog, or use our assistant to create your own. Proovy's compliance AI flags potential violations of legal regulations and company policies for every page that changes. On a compliance dashboard, Proovy brings flagged sections to attention.

Marketers then share those dashboards with colleagues and resolve them together as a team. Finally, they approve them and conclude Proovy’s quality assurance workflow.

Accelerate peer reviews

Proovy's compliance AI swiftly analyzes and provides constructive feedback without bias. It reduces the typical wait times caused by human schedules. Proovy saves multiple feedback cycles per change to the website - ideally down to just one final review.

For peer reviewers, Proovy provides handy dashboards highlighting changed paragraphs and the concerns and suggestions of Proovy's compliance AI. With such assistance, peer reviews are completed in minutes and become less distracting.

Trust a lean and automated process

Automated QA ensures consistency, increases coverage and improves accuracy. Every aspect of the website is tested in the same way every time. Proovy significantly reduces the chance of overlooking any non-compliance. Automation covers more ground, testing many scenarios and potential compliance issues that are too time-consuming for manual review and testing.

Marketers save hours of work by reviewing and fixing only the flagged issues.

Keep a detailed change log

Proovy makes it easy to document website changes and tag them with version numbers when concluding a quality assurance workflow. This way, marketers keep a detailed change log and history of content changes. They can go back in time, find prior changes, and compare the screenshots. They view descriptions and analytics about when and what changes were made.

Reports to management on website progress and experiments become more visual, clear, and quick to make.

Is Proovy for me?

Proovy runs in your browser and comes with a Chrome extension. It’s ready to go, out of the box. No programming or software installation is required. If you need perfection on every single page of your site — Proovy is for you.


Navigate the complex labyrinth of HIPAA, PPACA, and further policies with an ally that ensures compliance at every turn. Proovy meticulously vets every piece of content on your website, ensures that it aligns with current regulations, and showcases your commitment to excellence and patient safety.

"With the critical need to comply with an ever-evolving landscape of healthcare regulations, our content updates became a tedious affair, marred by manual checks that were as time-consuming as they were prone to human error. With Proovy, the dread of regulatory repercussions, which once loomed over every publish button, dissipated.” - ChatGPT


In the FinTech arena, where trust is your currency, Proovy ensures every decimal and digit on your website aligns with SEC regulations, TILA, ECOA, and many other policies that govern the industry. Use Proovy to make every word on your website as robust and reliable as your services.

"As a nimble FinTech player, we were all about disrupting the market, but an innocent compliance slip in one of our blog posts had our legal eagles working overtime and our PR team in damage control mode. Switching to Proovy was like turning on the autopilot during a turbulent market. This tool is the compliance whisperer we didn't know we needed." - ChatGPT

Food & Beverages

In the bustling kitchen of the food and beverages sector, regulations such as NLEA, DSHEA, and regulations by FDA and TTB are as numerous as recipes. Proovy ensures your website content is the crème de la crème of compliance. It vigilantly verifies that every claim and nutritional fact is within the bounds of food authority guidelines.

"As the marketing manager at AgriBrew Co., a blog post under my watch violated our internal policies, which stopped me from 'reaping' a well-deserved promotion. With Proovy in my toolshed, I'm back on track. - ChatGPT

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Weekly monitoring provides a sensible minimum of oversight. Begin your workweek with a comforting hot beverage and review the past week's website changes. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes along with having a complete picture. Become confident and certain by adding the capability to inspect and analyze. Subscribe now and take the first step from trusting to making sure.

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The first two months of monitoring are free of charge. Afterward, we charge $9 per month for every 50 pages of your website. For more frequent monitoring or using Proovy QA automation simply upgrade your Proovy subscription.