Safeguard brand building, SEO, and content marketing

Incorporate automated website quality assurance tools into your marketing team's arsenal. Keep your website perfect and stop losing conversions, safeguard your brand reputation, and grow your revenue.

Marketers who use Proovy to prevent flaws such as typos or broken links and layouts:
  • Prevent 85% higher bounce rates.
  • Prevent 59% drops in brand trust.
  • Prevent losing Google search ranks.
  • Save hours of laborious spot-checking.
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Automate QA for peace of mind

Proovy website quality assurance (QA) for marketers finds flaws in website changes every time, immediately, and on all pages — down to the pixel and letter. Avoid losing business and reputation. Allow Proovy to continuously find all website quality issues and suggest improvements.

No programming is required.

Convenient to use with your favorite website builder: WordPress, Webflow, Wix, Squarespace, and more.

Show me around

Allow us to show you around Proovy — it just takes a minute. We’ll show you the Proovy dashboard live in action. Learn about how easy it is to proof your entire website with a quick review of before and after screenshots. Catch a glimpse of how much more control you can have over the website creation and update process.

Find flaws and unintended side effects

Proovy helps marketers find flaws and unintended side effects on each change to a website. For every page that changes, Proovy provides a before-and-after dashboard that brings to attention the various kinds of changes, including hidden side effects.

Marketers then share them with colleagues and improve them. Finally, they approve them and conclude Proovy’s quality assurance workflow.

Use suggestions for your website builder

Proovy makes suggestions to marketers on how to improve their website and marketing results in their favorite website builder. Marketers see on screenshots how to copy and paste improvements for individual website elements into their website builder’s user interface.

The suggestions are handy to-do lists per page and are specific to each website builder and CMS, like WordPress, Wix, Webflow, Squarespace, and many more.

Continuously improve your website

Continuous use of Proovy’s quality assurance tools and suggestions for improvements ensures continuous improvement of a marketing website. With Proovy, marketers avoid losing business, budget, and brand reputation.

Avoid flawed content, typos, and bad grammar

  • Avoid an 85% higher bounce rate for landing page visitors.
  • Avoid losing trust with 59% of visitors.
  • Avoid paying double the labor costs for flawlessly native-speaking contributors compared to less fluent ones.

Avoid poor UX because of flawed layouts, links, and images

  • Avoid losing 88% of visitors who will not return.
  • Avoid losing credibility with 48% of visitors.
  • Avoid losing double digits of work hours per campaign to communication overhead on design, spot-checking, and testing tasks.

Avoid degraded search engine optimization (SEO) scores

  • Avoid degrading Google search ranks.

The loss of a Google search page rank severely decreases website traffic. Going from the top result for a search to the second halves a website's likelihood of receiving a user's click.

Quality issues such as flawed content or poor user experience degrade many Google scores simultaneously. They hurt a website’s bounce rates, click-through rates, and time visitors spend. All of which matters to Google. Flawed links, images, and typos are measured by Google directly. Proovy guides marketers on such hidden improvements.

Describe your changes for colleagues

Proovy makes it easy to document website changes and tag them with version numbers when concluding a quality assurance workflow. This way, all your colleagues stay in the loop with the latest changes. They can go back in time, find prior changes, and compare the screenshots. They can view descriptions and analytics about how and why you made changes.

Reports to management on website progress and experiments become more visual, clear, and quick to make.

Is Proovy for me?

If you know how to open your internet browser, you can use Proovy. Proovy runs in your browser and doesn’t require you to program or install software of any kind. It’s ready to go, out of the box. If you want to ensure that visitors have a seamless experience on every, single page of your site — Proovy is for you.

Content Marketers

Ensure you detect problems on your blog posts and landing pages before your readers do. Stop worrying about team members being misaligned on content updates. Keep complete control over vast amounts of content distributed over many pages.

"My marketing site contains more than two thousand blog posts and a thousand pages of documentation in our knowledge base. More than a dozen people make changes in our content management tool  — and not all of them know what they’re doing. Proovy notifies me if someone or something breaks my work so that I don’t have to constantly worry my customers are seeing something I’m not.” - Kiersten T.

SEO Marketers

Avoid seemingly minor errors, such as typos or broken links, that measurably hurt your CTR and can ultimately cost you search engine ranks. Continuously ensure that your web vitals metrics are better than your competition's.

"As the marketing manager at ClickStream, our journey to the summit of Google’s search rankings took a detour when a few misplaced commas and errant typos had us tumbling down the SERP slopes, watching our organic traffic and click-through rates take a hit. After that shock, we introduced Proovy and managed to resurrect our rankings and restore our digital footprint to its rightful place." - ChatGPT

Online Retailers

Make sure to catch minor mistakes before they erode trust, leading to higher bounce rates and abandoned carts. Do not allow navigation hiccups caused by broken links to disrupt the shopping experience.

"At, there was a layout issue with our virtual checkout, leading to an abandoned cart epidemic. Watching customers leave their finds behind in real-time in our analytics dashboards was a nightmare. After onboarding Proovy, checkout problems became a thing of the past. Additionally, it frequently detects issues with product description data we receive from supplier integrations." - ChatGPT

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The first two months of monitoring are free of charge. Afterward, we charge $9 per month for every 50 pages of your website. For more frequent monitoring or using Proovy QA automation simply upgrade your Proovy subscription.